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Step Up the Green Revolution from your Home

Biowaste is 30% of overall household waste incinerated in Switzerland. 
Yes, 30%! A shocking statistic.    

We feel that changes have to be personal and local to begin to have an impact.
But realistically they also need to be easy for people to adopt. And we believe that the HOTBIN will begin to help specifically here in Switzerland.

HOTBIN is an outstanding insulated home composter which takes all kitchen and garden biowaste, heats it up and processes it, converting it all to wonderful, rich compost in only up to 90 days.

It’s easy to use, easy to look after and has a by-product to help you continue on your journey to greenness and sustainability. You can simply use the compost to enhance or create your own garden or vegetable plot and repeat the process, time and time again. 

No more plastic bags, old compost heaps, vermin, odours or weekly trips to the recycling centers.  Everything is composted at home efficiently, and with little effort.

If somewhere in your head or heart you feel you should make a change then HOTBIN could be the first step.

Click here for your HOTBIN and start that journey.