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About Us

We are ARKO, a Swiss startup created out of passion and love for the place we live in.

It began when we read the shocking statistics about millions of tons of food and green waste being incinerated here in Switzerland.

So we started a journey of learning what people do every day that can make a difference. And one day, we bumped into a keen recycler with passion for reuse and recycling. She showed how HOTBIN was making a big difference in her household. No biowaste was leaving her house. It was all being recycled back into her garden. It was an inspiration … how one person, one household can make a difference.

Our thinking is to start at the grass roots level with households, then working with apartment blocks to create a composting community where people share compost within the community and create communal flower and vegetable plots, all from recycling food waste.

Imagine our country without food waste ….

We hope that HOTBIN will be your first step on this journey.

ARKO International Sarl is the exclusive distributor for HOTBIN Composting in Switzerland.