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Liquid fertiliser

Water is released during the composting process. In the HOTBIN, much of this water is removed as steam through the valve in the lid. However, when there is excess water it will drain down towards the ground, it dissolves to form a dark brown liquid – the leachate – liquid fertiliser. You normally get a small amount – a espresso cup a week.

The leachate will collect in the bottom of the HOTBIN under the aeration plate, this can then be drained off by unscrewing the cap at the bottom of the bin on the right-hand side. You can put a shallow container under the tap and collect the liquid.
You do not need to dilute leachate. As the leachate from the HOTBIN does not have a high value of NKP it will not burn the plants and therefore can be used neat. However, if you wish to dilute this to make if go further you can do so.
If your leachate has an odour this an indication that it is anaerobic due to depletion of oxygen, you can leave this it to stand so the bacteria can complete the digestion of the intermediary organic chemicals.