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Top Tips


  • Keep feeding it:  it likes to be fed. Chop waste to speed up breakdown.
  • feed it bulking agent and paper with every waste feed
  • rip the paper into strips
  • stir the top layer from time to time
  • keep an eye on it: check the temperature (using both thermometers) and use Kick Start bottle as necessary
  • remove the liquid fertilizer every couple of weeks
  • Keep the HOTBIN clean: wipe around lid, hatch and door edges clearing any loose pieces that may create an imperfect seal
  • Keep the valve free of dirt & snow
  • Periodically check the air inlet is not blocked by soil, snow, containers, etc. Take care if there are severe snowstorms. The hot gases leaving the bin will melt light snow, but in deep snow (>10 cm) the valve can become covered; ice can form and block the airflow. Brush off snow, if ice forms melt it using hot water.


  • put full bio-degradable bags inside, cut the bag open and in pieces
  • put cooked food or bones before the temperature reaches between 40 and 60 degrees
  • use tools to remove the hatch or force the lid backwards
  • remove the lid fixture plate, aeration valve or the internal bio-filter