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What is the bulking agent?

Bulking agent is partially composted wood chip. This creates air spaces in the waste providing bacteria with oxygen to keep composting aerobically.

You can purchase a bag of dry wood chips at any garden shop. This picture is an example of type of wood chip you can buy in Switzerland for use with HOTBIN.

When composting food waste its recommended that you add 1 part bulking agent to 5 parts waste.

Bulking Agent in Switzerland

How much bulking agent will I use every year?

Min Waste Feed per week Max Waste feed per week
~ 2.5kg or 5 litres of waste => 1 litre of bulking agent
~ 10kg or 20 litres of waste => 4 litres of bulking agent
~ 5kg or 10 litres of waste => 2 litres of bulking agent
~ 20kg or 40 litres of waste => 8 litres of bulking agent

This will vary on how the HOTBIN is being used, how much is being added into the HOTBIN and the types of waste (wet/dry).

  • HOTBIN Mark2: On average a 75 litre bag will last 6-9 months
  • HOTBIN Mini: On average a 75 litre bag will last 12-18 months

Empty in a full
caddy of waste

Add in ½ caddy
of shredded paper

Add in ⅕ of a
caddy of bulking agent