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How the HOTBIN works


HOTBIN is an aerobic composter which achieves hot composting temperatures of 40-60°c by maximising what nature does naturally; keeping bacteria happy with sufficient water, oxygen and food (waste).

Heat is generated by bacteria as waste is digested, the insulating EPP walls then lock this in and the HOTBIN’s temperature rises.

Waste is mixed with shredded paper/card to control moisture and bulking agent is used to create air spaces. Air (oxygen) is drawn in through the bottom air inlet and uses the air spaces to circulate around bacteria, feeding them with oxygen and keeping them composting aerobically.

Heat produced during bacterial activity creates moisture during decomposition which then converts into water vapour and leaves via the valve as steam.

HOTBIN works as an insulated chimney with three layers; upper hot active layer, maturing warm middle and cool base.

HOTBIN reaches temperatures of 40-60°c by insulating heat generated naturally by bacteria – so no external heat source or accelerators are required.