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Starting the HOTBIN

Build the Base Layer

The base layer is the volume of waste required to start the hot composting process. This volume is indicated by the top of the hatch, it can be added in one go or bit by bit depending on how much waste you have available.

  1. Add a thin scattering of twigs into the empty bin.
  2. Add chopped, easy to digest waste with bulking agent & shredded paper/card (see feeding below).
    DO NOT add the entire bag of bulking agent.
  3. Keep adding waste, once base layer is achieved the temperature should increase within a week.
  4. If starting the HOTBIN in the winter (less than 5°c), use the kick start bottle once the base layer is built.

The waste level should always exceed the base layer to sustain hot composting temperatures.


Feeding the HOTBIN

How Much Waste to Add Weekly?

  • minimum: 2.5kg (HOTBIN Mini) | 5kg (HOTBIN)
  • maximum: add minimum amount every other day

NB: 2.5kg = approx one 5L caddy (270 x 192 x 210mm)

Feed 2-3 times per week. Use the raking stick to mix in paper & bulking agent. DO NOT mix the entire HOTBIN contents, only what has been added.

Harvesting Compost